Hello you!
coach malick new website online

COACH MALICK is online!

So, here I am, sitting in front of my computer and staring at it’s screen. This is actually real! I’ve been dreaming on building my own brand for quite a while now. Wondering what it may look like and how to communicate it. This winter I decided to go for it. To sit down and figure out where I wanted to head and what this was supposed to look like. I knew it was time to step up the game, to believe in my goals and dreams.

Recha, Florian and I sat together, brainstormed and got things rolling. Now, half a year later, we are live! Online & offline, with what we’ve created together. My brand, my first ever website and so much excitement, you have no idea how I feel right now.

I Trust the magic of new beginnings!

The brand

I don’t want to bore you with too many details. BUT: Building this brand has made me super proud of the fact, that I realised, to have created all the things you can see now with a team that truly understood my needs and could relate to the ideas that were in my mind. A brand is not something fixed, as I learned and I am excited to evolve with it and build it with all my heart.

My new mantra, as the two yogis would say is:



Are you ready to do this with me? I AM!

coach malick trainer zurich logo

I know you can find all these photos throughout the website, but I am so happy about them, that I want to display my favorites here anyway. To show you what we’ve created:

Coach Malick
Coach Malick
Coach Malick
Coach Malick

my list of thank yous

  • Ellen: for wording my thoughts, supporting me all the way (meal preps, love and all the other amazing things you do for me!)
  • Recha: for being my friend, mentor and boss these last few years.  But most of all right now, for making this project happen, for designing and creating COACH MALICK together with Florian.
  • Florian: for designing and creating COACH MALICK with Recha, for being the best photoshop crack on earth, who makes me look like a star and for being a new friend I can count on!
  • Jerome & Dani: for taking incredible photos of me for this website!
  • Nora: for taking incredible photos of me for this website!
  • My sponsors: for believing and supporting me along my path!

And last but now least: Thank you all for checking out my new website. I would appreciate your feedback and can’t wait to step up the game together with you guys!

Much love,