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As an athlete I go through so many socks every day. One pair for the daily activities and depending on the training load up to 3 pairs extra which get soaked by lifting heavy weights or running around blocks to chase the time-cap.

Last year I signed up a sponsor, that truly fits my needs and complements my training outfits with outstanding colors and fun. Meet DillySocks. A colorful sock label founded in 2013 in Zürich. Every pair of DillySocks is lovingly made by a family business in Portugal, using high-quality European cotton.

Why do I love Dilly Performance Socks?

Durable performance socks are ideally suited to all activities and sports. Dilly Performance socks are ribbed up to the cuff, so that each pair can mould comfortably to the foot. The instep is also covered by a compression curve, which reduces rubbing and prevents blistering. The softly-padded base, made of terrycloth, stretches from the toes right up to the heel – protecting the strained soles. Thanks to the high cotton content and the breathable fabric technology, air can circulate optimally through these sports socks. That means less sweat, and much more comfort. The most important thing for me when I train!

Socks on. Game on. Let’s sweat!

DillySocks X Coach Malick
DillySocks X Coach Malick
DillySocks X Coach Malick

We shot these photos at Balboa Viadukt in Zürich, where I teach classes and train my ass off as well. This urban gym gives me the freedom to train with heavy weights, drop them and listen to music until my ears burst. I love the location and we had such a fun photo shoot.

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I do get to share my love for the DillySocks. If you’d like to get yourself a pair too, or gift some to a friend of yours.

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