Training Methods

My training methods

Variety is key

because it’s in the mix

There’s no one size that fits all. I use my experience as a coach and athlete in top sport, together with my background and eduction in sport sciences, to offer a wide range and combination of training methods that will help you achieve your goals.

functional fitness

This is a highly intensive, varied conditioning and strength training. The goal is to strengthen and improve in different fitness disciplines in a balanced way. Functional fitness trainings cover endurance, strength, agility, speed, dexterity, balance, coordination and accuracy, giving you a higher level of performance in all areas.

Functional bodybuilding

Strengthen both your body and your mind across a wide range of movement abilities and patterns. Your program will focus on slow and controlled movement executions and static work with a progressive build-up to avoid a burnout or overtraining.


In this class, we focus on the acquisition and build-up of weightlifting and powerlifting techniques in a systematic way. Technically correct barbell movements, going from the basic training bar to the original competition bar. Feel safe and comfortable handling weights on the ground and overhead.

Athletic Training

Competition sport-oriented training for amateur and professional athletes. Athletic training focuses on unilateral skills, knee or hip-dominant strength development and dynamic power, combined with discipline-specific, explosive exercises (such as jumping, throwing, thrusting, rotations, etc.). Training equipment typically includes sledges, medicine balls, and plyoboxes.


Energy System Training („EST“) combines multiple forms of energy systems to produce improvements across a large range of activities. EST is an essential part of fitness and athletic training, and commonly known EST categories include endurance, (an)aerobic power, strength and absolute speed.


The goal of gymnastics training is to perfectly control your body in every position, which creates a good basis for many situations in daily life. You will work primarily with your own body weight, and acquire the ability to recall the immense strength and body control in any situation, as one would expect from a gymnast. Body tension, strength, flexibility, balance play a crucial role.

Mobilization & Stretching

A balanced mobility is the primary requirement to avoid injuries, no matter your level of fitness. That’s why every training method includes various mobilization and stretching exercises, inspired by gymnastics and yoga. Through mobilization and stretching, we improve the range of motion and control in large and small joints. The acquired flexibility is subsequently strengthened by stability training, making intensive movement tasks easier to perform. Our motto is to be as supple as a leopard.

Kettlebell skills

Kettlebell training is suited for a wide variety of fitness and strength training methods. Ballistic and linear strength exercises support a full body workout. Here we train strength, conditioning and coordination with just one device, no matter what your level of fitness currently is.