Drills & Trainings


personal training

individual or group

Do you want to go that extra mile, that extra rep and that extra lift, but need someone to encourage you along the way? I’m looking forward to work together and help you reach your fitness goals. Either in a one-to-one environment or in a small group, l’m ready to challenge you.

athletic training

individual or group

As an athlete in a competitive sports environment, you might be looking for that sport specific care that allows you to go that extra mile. From unilateral strength training, to explosive exercises, to endurance, mobility and agility. With these trainings, I aim to offer you an adapted and individually tailored training based on your needs as an athlete. 

corporate training

individual or group

Never forget the value of health promotion at work. As business owners or managers, you want your employees to be motivated to tackle the job’s challenges on a daily basis. Through weighted exercises, back training, stretching and endurance exercises, I want to increase the physical and mental performance of your employees, and thereby improve their productivity on the work floor.

Weightlifting seminars

individual or group

In a group of maximum 8 people, we focus on the acquisition and build-up of weightlifting and powerlifting techniques. Seminars are organized in sessions of 4hours or more, depending on demand.